Our Staff

Our Staff

Nancy Heydinger

Nancy Heydinger : Executive Director

Executive Director

  • Overall leadership and management of organization and mission
  • Oversees fund development strategies
  • Liaison for GOTRVT, GOTR International, and other councils
  • Speaking engagements

Rachel Desautels

Rachel Desautels : Statewide Program Manager

Statewide Program Manager

Statewide Program Manager

  • Oversees statewide programming
  • Manages program quality and success
  • Scholarships
  • Oversees program expansion

Northern Vermont Program Coordinator

  • Program Information for coaches and families
  • New sites
  • Recruitment for coaches and girls
  • Coach training
  • In-season support

Jenny Fuller

Jenny Fuller : Statewide Program Administrator

Statewide Program Administrator

  • Coach training inquiries
  • Coach compliance inquiries (background checks, CPR certifications, etc)
  • General volunteer support
  • Oversees Northern Vermont office operations

Sarah Levine

Sarah Levine : Central & Southern Vermont Program Coordinator

Central & Southern Vermont Program Coordinator

  • Coach recruitment and compliance
  • Coach support (registration, supplies, assistance, program, etc)
  • New sites
  • Site support (registration, finances, program inquiries, etc)

Jess Rodrigues

Jess Rodrigues : Training Supervisor

Training Supervisor

  • Train program staff on software, database, compliance and admin tools
  • Assist Program Manager as needed
  • Assist with recruiting coaches and sites in Southern and Central Vermont

Susan Mula

Susan Mula : Development Director

Development Director

  • Corporate sponsorships
  • 5k sponsorships
  • Individual donations
  • GOTRVT grant opportunities

Erin Wood

Erin Wood : Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

  • Manages all GOTRVT marketing, advertising, promotions
  • Media and Communications
  • Print and digital brand management
  • Social media
  • Sponsorship and event graphics

Sally Malay

Sally Malay : Events Director

Events Director

  • GOTRVT events management and execution
  • Northern, Central, Southern 5k management and coordination
  • Event volunteer inquiries and support
  • SoleMates Program