Below is just a snippet of the testimonials that we’ve received from parents, coaches, and girls. To see our printable PDF with more testimonials, click here!


“I am amazing no matter what other people say.”

“I liked how GOTR is a group where different girls make a lot of friends.”

“I liked that we could run freely without being judged how fast or how slow we ran.”

“I learned to be myself no matter what and find the awesomeness in others.”


“GOTR was probably the best program my daughter has ever done compared to other after school activities. Our coach was amazing and my daughter is already signed up for more 5k’s. She was so inspired by the program.”

“The program far exceeded my expectations in all areas. My daughter brought home valuable information from the program and began to share it naturally in conversation. She really loved her coaches and had a much stronger connection with all the girls on the group.”

“My daughter ran across the finish line with her arms pumping in the air for the last 15 yards, she ran toward me and with a huge hug said ‘I feel like a million bucks mom!’ I couldn’t hold back tears.”


“The impact on the girls; seeing girls of different grades, interest interact with each other happily, the lessons and how they intertwined with the girls daily lives. The camaraderie and happy energy that suffused our time together . . . amazing.”

“Seeing the girls grow, develop, and accomplish their goals. Specifically, when one girl who refused to work hard, and challenge herself saw all the other girls feel amazing and verbalize their positive feelings, she stated that she was ‘mad at herself for not doing her best’ and that she was going to do better next time.”