Northern VT 5k

Northern VT 5k Celebration
JUNE 2, 2018

10:00 am – 5K START TIME

Public Registration is NOW OPEN! 
We invite family, community members, and GOTR Alumni to actively join the celebration.
Register to run with our girls HERE!

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Our Girls on the Run 5ks are unlike any other running event.  It is a community celebration of Girl Power and the successful completion of our ten week Girls on the Run/Heart & Sole empowerment program. By the day of the 5k, the girls’ enthusiasm is so unbridled that they are running around before the race!  Positive energy abounds as the girls dance to warm-up music, get their hair “happied” and faces painted, and wearing tutus and capes they gather with their teammates to hold hands and head to the starting line.  Each 5k participant who crosses the finish line will be rewarded with a medal or ribbon. With each GOTR girl proudly wearing the number “1” on her bib, our 5k is a non-competitive event that creates memories to last a lifetime!

NEW for 2018! GOTR ALUMNI are invited to come back and join our 5k celebration with a discounted fee when you register to run with our girls!

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